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So True.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at how accurate this is.

AC Big Bang Illustrations.

A couple of illustrations I did for the Assassin's Creed Big Bang challenge.

You can read the lovely fic they were created for here: http://ac-bigbang.livejournal.com/11235.html 

Big versions of drawings behind cut. XDCollapse )

Parental Thoughts on Fanfiction.

Today I was telling my dad about a new idea I had for a fanfic. He seems pretty open about that stuff, I guess, as long as I withhold some details about the nature of what I'm writing about.

My mother overheard us, and said, "What, you write fanfic? That like school essay? Make sure you get 100 mark!"

Asian mom says the darndest things. ._.

"Bleed Red".

AHHHHHHHHHH *fangirly screams*

Dunn just released his new single "Bleed Red" and the lyrics are so nice. TT^TT Although I kind of wonder if the song might be slightly better if a couple chords were different and he wasn't just repeating the same melody over and over again (variation would be nice).

(LINKY FOR MUSICS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSWcVUbjTk4 )

BUT I STILL <3 IT. I'm actually kind of glad he's still around and making singles/albums. It makes me sad that he and Brooks broke up, but the Last Rodeo tour was pretty awesome as it was. :3

Still debating if I should go to the Alan Jackson concert in March, or save up for the UraBoku artbook. @__@ Gah. X__X

Art Stuff

Yayyy, first art of the new year!

And it's not MGS-related, either. XDCollapse )


I was watching Kung Fu Hustle again, and there are those guys that bring forth weapons and (undead armies?) from their guqin. I always wanted to learn how to play one, but I don't think I'd have the time now. *sigh* It's so pretty though. Some of the performances I've seen have been augmented by percussion, and they're just astounding.

(The CG army is amazing, reminds me of that undead army from Lord of the Rings.)

Thought about maybe buying one to figure it out myself until I saw that they're ~ $400. O_O Gah.

i hate school

this week is hell

the coming weeks are hell

there is so much crap to do idk what to do first so

maybe i will do nothing fffffffffff


...I keep writing fanfictions like Kojima keeps making Metal Gears.


Random Sketch Post

Finally got around to cleaning up some other sketches I had lying around (and yet there are still more, damn).

This was drawn at a time when I had no idea what I wanted to draw. The original pencil work looked all lonely on a white background, so I threw on a better one today.

ビッグボス [BIG BOSSS]Collapse )

Art Trade Doneee ^^

Finally finished this afternoon! Had to wait until modem got fixed to post, though. T-T

monochromatic scariesCollapse )

Done for art trade with eirok.

Exam Anecdotes.

Desperation Studying Technique:
- Read: "The Yukon, Nunavut, Northwest Territories and offshore are surveyed in terms of the Federal Permit System (FPS)."
- Study Note: "OK, the Territories use First Person Shooters to survey land."

I don't know what to say about this question I got on the exam today:
"Radioactive dating is used:
a) to show that something is radioactive
b) by geologists to determine when a rock formed
c) to tell time
d) <some answer not as retarded as c)>

YES, SIGN ME UP FOR THIS RADIOACTIVE WATCH. This could almost rival the time some forensics show used carbon dating a on a gold bar.

Then again, they tell you in CPR training not to bend your elbows like they do in ER. And on TV, medical staff touch patients' family members with their bloody gloves. Or drop surgical implements on op-patients when they see their BFF of 5 years at the window. Classes now actually show clips of ER/ hospital shows to examine  "What did they do wrong on the show that you should never do in real life?"

Who knew you could learn so much from television.


So to avoid awkward stares/ questions while working on some Time Paradox BB/ Snake during class, I tell people they are twins.

This seems to work every time. Except for this one guy sitting behind me: "But that doesn't look like Liquid."


New Website Thing. @_@?

I was browsing stuff randomly when the urge to make a new website suddenly seized me. Mainly b/c updating the previous one with NVU was a pain in the butt. And it didn't look that great either. *abandons it* =_=

So I just used freeweb's website editor, which seemed to be more straightforward than the confusing and retarded NVU. Updated all the links and new projects, since old website was last updated in...April? XD

Anyway, the new site is here: http://sld21.webs.com.

I'm pretty happy with the way the galleries are arranged, I guess. Although, I wish I had more stuff to submit. >_< But with final exams coming and my slow-drawing rate, that's...not going to happen for a while. *sigh*

Oh well. *works on HT* XD

<3 Happy Birthday カちゃん!

Bwahahha! I feel totaly guilty for not making a Kakashi feature fanart. =_=

Well, I did a crappy sketch thing, but it's srsly bad, since I churned it out at like 2 AM this morning when I should've been sleeping/ studying. Um! Maybe next year, haha. ^^v Kinda busy working on some other projects at the moment.

Status of Projects
1st Art Trade: Travis Touchdown [Complete]
2nd Art Trade: Itachi [Complete]
3rd Art Trade: Xanxus TYL [In Progress]

1st Collab: Kakashi vs. Hidan [Complete]
2nd Collab: Sasori & Deidara [In Progress]

Personal Drawings:
- Practice #1 and #2 Gwendal [C]
- Gwendal as child thing. [C]
- Gwendal.8 [IP]

Just need...to get through...today and tomorrow......X_______________X

Wah. Excited. >w

Omg, I need to get moving on the art trade. I have done nothing for a week, except maybe look at the left hand of the character and go, "HMMM. Needs work. *closes book*" XD

Anyway! Kwahhh~ too excited, I saved hard so I could get the Daikenkyuu 3 artbook and the two KKM fanbooks. XD <3 <3 <3 Also trying to get a plushie of G in a maid costume, hehe.

But I still love the Maruma illustration book. The cover is so pretty. O/////O!

Maybe I should stop writing and go do the trade, lol. *sigh*